About Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy

What’s Different about PHC Prep Academy?

Each course is taught from a distinctively Christian perspective. PHC Prep Academy’s unswerving commitment to Christ-centered education means that the Christian worldview is built into every course. Not only do students learn what the Bible has to say about the subject they are studying, but they also learn how to articulate and defend the Christian worldview to others. The worldview emphasis ensures that students are prepared for college both academically and spiritually.

High-level academic instruction prepares your student for AP* exams and fosters important college skills. At PHC Prep Academy, our classes exceed the standard for college-prep courses. Each course meets the College Board’s rigorous requirements for an official AP designation, fully preparing students for the related AP exam (click here to view the Academy’s AP exam results). Taught by Patrick Henry College professors and other hand-selected Christian teachers, the courses offer high-level instruction that develops the skills crucial for success at the most demanding colleges.

Convenient online format combines the flexibility of independent study with the best of classroom learning. Through our user-friendly course management software, students have 24/7 access to course materials and can submit assignments with the click of a mouse. Lectures are presented in text, audio, and audiovisual formats, and students interact with each other and their instructors through message boards, chat rooms, and email. The flexibly structured classes allow students to complete their coursework around other activities and commitments.

PHC Prep Academy Is for You If . . .

  • You are a junior or senior in high school, or a sophomore who has previously taken courses at an advanced or honors level.
  • You are a strong student with excellent reading and writing skills.
  • You are preparing for one or more AP exams.
  • You want to take college preparatory courses with a clear Christian worldview.
  • You are a hardworking, self-disciplined learner, ready to be challenged, and able to meet deadlines.
  • You have completed coursework that provides foundational knowledge for each PHC Prep Academy course you are taking (see individual course pages for specific prerequisites).
  • You are willing to commit 10–15 hours per week to each course.