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AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Course Catalog for 2014–15
Academic Readiness
AP Calculus AB
AP United States History
AP World History
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics
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AP U.S. Government and Politics
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What topics will I learn about in AP Macroeconomics?
What books will I use in AP Macroeconomics?
Am I ready to take AP Macroeconomics?
How can I learn more about AP Macroeconomics?


I heard these courses are a great price with excellent content… So how much does a course cost?
What are the unique benefits that these AP courses offer that I’ll not get anywhere else?
Tell me why my student shouldn’t just take a community college course, but take these courses instead…
Are these courses widely accepted by other schools and colleges?
Where do I get specific information about partnering with PHC Prep Academy to bring AP courses to my school?
How easy is it, really, to sign up and start right now?
What if my student has never taken an online course before?
Do you issue a high school transcript?
How do I contact the PHC Prep Academy office, to talk with someone directly?
What happens when my student has a question?
How will the course officially begin?
When will I hear from my instructor?
How do I get the books for my course?
I’m convinced that this is right for our family—how do I sign up?
Really—How easy is it to begin and get comfortable right away with the courses?
When I sign up, what kind of technical support will I get?
I’ve already registered… and now I want to add another course. Is the process different?
I’m ready to register now—What’s the very next step?
If something comes up between now and the start date, what is the PHC Prep Academy refund policy?
Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?
I’m not a member of HSLDA; how do I join today and get member savings?
I’m a member of HSLDA; what do I do to get member savings?
When is the registration deadline so that I can sign up on time?
Can I see testimonials from other students, parents, and schools?
Can I see a list of a course’s textbooks?
I’ve checked out the course pages for the course that I’m interested in. Can I find out more details about the course?
During the semester, can I find out how my student is doing in the course?

Does the parent have access to the student’s class, to see what’s there?
Is the parent involved at all?
Explain how having the materials online is a benefit to my student…
Will my course count for credit at Patrick Henry College (PHC)?
Tell me how my student gets direct feedback that’s individualized—so my student moves ahead…
How much does the Classroom Teacher interact with my student?
Do students have to attend webinars “live”? What if my student has a commitment during that time?
Tell me about the webinars and group sessions…
How flexible is the class schedule?
Exactly how does a course “work”?
How do I know that my student is ready for these courses?
What courses are available?
Tell me why it’s right to sign my student up for a course today…
What kind of students succeed at PHC Prep Academy?
What about students with learning challenges or disabilities?
Can a student no longer in high school take these courses?
Can my younger student take these courses?
Can non-homeschooled students take these courses?
Are AP courses only for advanced, super-smart, gifted kids who are ahead?
Who are these courses for? How do I know that my student should take them?

How do I know that PHC Prep Academy is one of the best ways to take online courses today?
Who teaches the courses?
How can Advanced Placement (AP) courses be Christian?
Does my student get college credit for an AP course?
What does Advanced Placement (AP*) mean?
Who is the “Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy?”
What do I get when I sign up for a course today?


Home School Students and Parents

The Instructors

PHC Prep Academy Instructors
Brian Trimmer, MA
Steven Hake, PhD
Jennifer Schlaudt
Erin Brown Conroy, MA
Rebecca Darby
Aubrey Heki
Robert Spinney, PhD
Douglas Favelo, PhD
Melissa Muender, MA
Amy Raybould, MA
Frank Guliuzza, PhD
Joanna Main
Sarah Hengemuhle, MA
Shane Baker, EdD
Caleb Nelson, MA
Emily-Rose Cockerham
Tony Cavicchi
Liz Campbell, MA
Stephanie Johnson, MA
Jenni VanCuren, MA
Susanna Foote
Juli Gleason


Video: Message from PHC's President
Video: Master Teacher AP Eng. Lang.
Video: Message from PHC’s Provost
Video: Message from HSLDA's President
Video: Master Teacher AP World History
Video: Message from Diane Kummer, HSLDA
Video: Master Teacher AP US Gov. & Politics
Video: Master Teacher AP English Lit
Marshall, former student
Esther, former student
Simeon, former student
Joseph, former student
Harrison, former student
Martin, former student
Luke, former student