From the Students

“I have been personally blessed and stretched by Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy. Throughout the courses, the teachers displayed a dedicated love and sacrifice as they taught and aided me to prepare for the AP Exam. However, the classes are not simply focused to get an ‘A’ on the AP test. Rather, the classes also look at the bigger picture of God’s ever-present hand growing students, like me, for the plans He has in the near future.”

- Luis, CA

AP English Language and Composition was a wonderful class.  I didn’t want to do the class because I didn’t feel confident in my writing, but my parents signed me up anyway. In this class, I have learned to write confidently, have found other students who have helped me with my writing, have written papers that impressed colleges I have applied to, and am considering writing a book this summer! English Language and Composition also made the AP test I took familiar and easy. This class has made a permanent impact on my life and I am so thankful that I took this class.”

- Sherry, IL

“The AP Calculus AB course is definitely challenging and time-consuming, but the satisfaction of comprehension and understanding is worth all of the hard work. This course required me to step beyond my level of comfort and challenged me in new ways; I learned much about diligence and perseverance in addition to the course content of calculus.  The Christian environment was amazing: I felt comfortable speaking about my faith, and I loved meeting brothers and sisters in Christ.  The teachers are wonderful, devoted, kind people who truly care about the success of their students. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to learn from them.  This course has been a great blessing, and I will not forget the wonderful experience that I have had.” 

- Lydia, MI

“Joining this AP English Literature and Composition class has been one of the best decisions of my life. I was scared at first of doing an online class, but the format was easy to use, the teachers were accessible and willing to help, and the students were friendly and encouraging. The whole experience has helped me to grow both in my academic learning and in my spiritual faith. Thanks so much for putting this course together; it has been life-changing.”   

- Alaina, NJ

“PHC Prep’s AP Macroeconomics class gave me an understanding of economics I would have never expected myself to have in high school.  I was trained to think like an economist, trained to reason with logic, but also trained in a Christian setting.  These three qualities combined in a course provide a strong education more than worthy of the leaders of the next generation.”

- John, SC

“Your understanding of your government, your rights, and your self will go deeper when you take AP U.S. Government and Politics. You’ll discover the reasons for the wrangling that goes on in government, and you’ll learn the best ways to protect your freedoms in those wrangles.”

- Adam, PA

“The AP English Language and Composition course was well-prepared, the teachers were always ready to answer my questions with helpful instruction, and the assignments challenged me in my ability to communicate both as a student and as a Christian.  I felt completely prepared to take the AP Exam. I appreciated the detailed feedback I received on my writing assignments. Although I have always enjoyed English, I saw drastic growth in my writing abilities during the class, and I would recommend this class to other Christian students interested in taking an excellent English course.”

- Kaley, Oklahoma

AP Microeconomics far exceeded my expectations in helping me integrate a Christian world view into the fascinating world of economics.  I highly recommend this course!”

- Ben, MN

“I just want to say thank you. I walked into this AP class with trepidation and inexperience…and I’m leaving with joy, excitement, and courage for the AP exam!  Not only this, but I am also walking away closer than ever in my relationship with my Savior. I never would have dreamed that an AP English Literature and Composition class could have such an impact on my life. Not only is the teaching superb, but through this class I have been continually pointed to Christ.

- Melanie, TN

“The AP Calculus AB course was a blast! Although the material was challenging, the learning and online interactions made my PHC prep experience very educational and enjoyable.” 

- Timothy, OH

“The AP English Language and Composition course was incredible. I learned not only how to write using higher-level diction, syntax, and strategies, but I also learned more about me. I learned that no matter how hard an assignment looked on the outside, with hard work, I could understand what the assignment required, and how I could meet that requirement. I learned how to articulate what I thought, felt, and believed. I also learned how to manage my time. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a challenging, engaging, and thoughtful advanced English class from a Christian Worldview.”

- Isabelle, WY

“The PHC Prep AP US Government and Politics course is a high-quality course. The material is challenging, but doable, and easily prepares you for the College Board’s AP Exam.” 

- Cameron, SC

“This year, I took both AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics. I had a really good time learning about the economy and the integration of microeconomics and macroeconomics to my life. My family enjoys talking about economics and these classes have been just like listening to my aunts and uncles at a family gathering. Talking with other students about their thoughts has been educational and very enjoyable. Our teacher has been superb and she’s a lot of fun. I would recommend either economic class to any student who wants to learn about our economy and how to fix many of our economy’s problems.”

- Sherry, IL

“The AP English Language and Composition class was a life-changing class for me. I was challenged and inspired; stimulated and encouraged; stretched and developed. My writing has seen fantastic improvement, and I also benefited immensely from the course reading materials. The teachers were both excellent in guiding and encouraging my studies. The entire experience was certainly my favorite from the past year.”

- Kyriana, International

“The emphasis on memorization and application in AP U.S. Government and Politics definitely prepares the student for the AP exam. The course was fast paced, a good preview of college studies. The live web sessions gave a fun and informative view of current world events.” 

- Caitlin, PA

“If you’re interested in studying literature rigorously and from a Christian worldview, then look no further than PHC Prep’s AP English Literature and Composition course. This class exposed me to an array of new books and authors, and provided me with the tools necessary to analyze and understand diverse pieces of literature—all the while keeping me grounded in the truths of the Bible.”

- Nicholas, MI

“The AP English Language and Composition course challenged me to actually think about what I was reading – to notice world views, tone, rhetorical strategies, etc. Before I took the class, I’d read a piece of literature and think, ‘Wow! What made this book so good?’ but now I know how to recognize what made the book good so I can later use the techniques in my own writing. Thank you, PHC Prep, for offering this class!” 

- Danielle, NC

AP Macroeconomics makes it possible to watch the financial section on the Fox Business Network and be able to know exactly what they are talking about and why it happened. If you are looking to take a Macroeconomics class, PHC Prep is a great choice!”

- Mitchell, AR

“This course has taught me the joy of studying Calculus, and quite frankly, math in general. I felt very well prepared for the AP Calculus AB exam, and I felt confident coming out of the exam as well. The classroom teacher did a simply fantastic job preparing us for the AP exam while at the same time helping us apply the class material. Also, she was always willing to work with us one-on-one to help us with any issues we might have had with the material. My mother and I both love the fact that each class would open with a prayer and that the discussions were often focused on the insights that mathematics often provide into Biblical truths. I feel that this course has changed the way I look at everyday objects, such as eggs! Even though I am NOT going to focus on mathematics in college, I know that this course has helped me prepare for study at a university.”

- 2010–11 student

“I will be forever benefited having taken AP English Language and Composition. I started the year hoping to improve my writing skills to better prepare me for a likely pursuit of a career in law or writing many technical papers as a research scientist. I have learned more than I ever thought possible in a year, and the course has both stretched and honed the God given talent I am trying to avidly cultivate. The comments, answers to my questions, and helpful tips and explanations in chat session were in no small degree the reason I have been able to excel in the course.  I know for a fact that I will walk away with my writing tool belt enlarged and improved.” 

- Joel, TX

AP U.S. Government was challenging, interesting, and extremely helpful in understanding the different facets of American government I previously did not understand. Most importantly, this class and helped me to see American government through the lenses of a Christian worldview.”

- Jenna, ID

“As a student who wishes to study government and enter politics, I found the PHC Prep AP Macroeconomics course to be a great help in learning how the economy functions on a broad level. I believe that the topics covered, such as international trade, the effects of government fiscal and monetary policy, etc., will be invaluable as I continue my education. Many thanks to PHC Prep and my teachers!”

- Spring 2011 student

AP English Language and Composition changed my whole perspective on writing. I used to hate writing because I didn’t know how to write a solid paper. Through the course of the year, I learned how to put together basic elements of writing to create a concise, logical, and interesting paper. The Classroom teacher was always willing to answer my questions and she gave me detailed feedback on every paper to help me improve my writing. The AP English class was the most challenging class I have ever taken, but I would recommend it to anyone. I am a much more confident writer and I feel fully prepared for college because of this class.”  

- Anna, IN

“I received a score of 5 on my AP U.S. Government & Politics exam.  I am very excited and cannot thank PHC Prep and my instructors enough for the rigorous training that prepared me for the exam.  Thank you!”

- Jeremy, CA

AP English Literature and Composition was absolutely fabulous! The master teacher was very engaging and helpful in getting us to understand how our studies should affect our lives, and the classroom teacher was incredibly accessible to us for any questions and difficulties we came across. Both teachers sought to teach us to honor God in our studies and our lives. This class wonderfully prepared me for the AP test, and I felt confident as I took the test.”

- 2010–11 student

“The thing I liked best about the AP English Language and Composition course was my teacher. As a math person, my biggest insecurity was my writing, and my Classroom Teacher encouraged me so much. Without her, I don’t think I could’ve summoned the will to develop my writing skills. Now I have the confidence to approach any essay and do well on it know that I have the tools and knowledge to complete an assignment. Also, I loved how the class incorporated a Christian worldview into the material. I also now have the courage to write into my essays my Christian beliefs. Finally, not only did this course prepare me for the AP exam—I felt hardly any anxiety during the 3 hour test—but it ultimately prepared me for college and for life. No longer do I fear the calibre of writing I will be expected to produce in college, and no longer do I doubt my ability to communicate cogently in my future career. This class has opened so many doors I would have left entirely sealed off if left to my own insecurities.   

- Lauren, IN

“I have taken AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics with PHC Prep.  The classes were phenomenal, due to the engaging teaching as well as the challenging topics covered! Studying with students from around the nations has been a treat.”

- Whitney, FL

“After I took PHC Prep’s AP U.S. Government and Politics, I felt well prepared for the AP exam. I think that the combination of interaction with other students and the instructors and the tough work helped me learn a lot about U.S. Government and will help prepare me for college.”

- Haley, MD

“The master teacher’s lectures in AP Calculus AB and the administration from the classroom teacher effectively brought together the topics we as students were studying.  Forums such as the Virtual Office and the Student Cafe provided the classroom discussion needed for students to aid one another in their studies, while adding a certain level of bonding between students, as well as fun inventions.  Discussions on influential mathematicians who were also Christians, and further topics on their beliefs, added a Christian worldview and practical application to the subjects learned.”

- 2010–11 student

“PHC Prep’s AP English Language and Composition course provided me with material and instruction that brought me leaps and bounds from where I first started. The course and requirements challenged me to become a better time manager, and now, even after the course has finished, I am handling my time efficiently. The course stretched me and required that I really focus on what I’m being taught; I learned to really retain information. PHC Prep’s AP English Language and Composition course didn’t just teach me how to become a better writer and to truly comprehend what I read; it spent a whole school year teaching me real life lessons.” 

- Rachel, CO

“The best part of AP Macroeconomics is the interaction with the teacher and other students. Everyone tries to be helpful to each other in understanding confusing or difficult concepts. Even we are thousands of miles away from each other, everyone is still able to connect in order to build team work.”

- Karese, HI

“When I first signed up for this course, my main goal was to gain the information I needed to succeed on the AP English Literature and Composition Exam. The fact that it was being taught through a Christian online course was simply a bonus. However, as the course progressed, I quickly realized that the learning experience I was getting by studying with other Christians was much more valuable than the information I was getting about the exam. I had never had the opportunity to learn about literature from a Christian perspective, and the experience I had with this course was enlightening and strengthened my relationship with God.”

- 2010–11 student

“The overtly Christian atmosphere of the AP English Language and Composition course helped make me feel assured of my teachers’ care, interest, and willingness to help me as a student.  Taking this course gave me more confidence on approaching the AP free-response essays, because of the personal feedback, which was a great help in evaluating your work.  I enjoyed the interaction with teachers and fellow students as well, especially as fellow Christians, and formed several friendships that led on to things such as forming a young Christian writer’s forum. I’ve gotten to meet many other warm-hearted Christians who love writing as well, and that was really encouraging!  I am keen to take another course with PHC Prep!”   

- Ci, Singapore

From Parents and Schools

“During our 14 years of homeschooling, my children have participated in several fine online classes, but our experience with PHC Preparatory Academy exceeds them all. My daughter has blossomed in her thinking and writing skills...”

- Suzanne, TX

“I feel that our investment in this class has been one of our best choices in the allocation of limited resources that we have ever made in our home school journey, and James is the youngest of four who have been taught at home.”

- Pat, LA

“Our students recently participated in a fine arts competition [that] involves academic testing.  Students are given one hour to complete tests in various subject areas and compete against the other schools in the state.  One of our students is taking the AP World History at PHC Prep Academy and he received a score of 71/75 for the World History test—he won first place in our association.  The next closest competitor received a score of 55/75.  Thanks so much for all of your help throughout the year, and I look forward to working with you next year.”

- Brad, MD (Christian School Administrator)

“Thank you for an amazing year of Literature; this course more than exceeded my expectations!”

- Bethany, CA